Port Kennedy, Australia; 09, June 2016: Many homeowners across Western Australia have one thing in common. They have a love of natural materials! There are many materials that one can use to enhance the exterior appearance of their homes. One in particular, limestone, has proven to be a popular trend.

Creative Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that gets found in some parts of the world. There are many limestone deposits along the coast of Western Australia.

With limestone in abundance there, it's no wonder the material has become so well-used! Of course, availability isn't the only reason why homeowners like using limestone. The look and texture of this rock is something that draws one's attention.

One WA company, Creative Limestone, reported a surge in limestone installations in recent years.

Limestone Walls

One of the most common ways to enhance any home is by building limestone walls. Creative Limestone's customers have commissioned them to create a variety of walls. They range from feature walls to retaining and boundary walls.

Limestone is a strong and durable natural material. Many of their clients have also stated that limestone looks much nicer than concrete.

Limestone Paving

It's not just walls that limestone gets used for when enhancing a home's exterior. The material is also useful for creating stylish paving. It's possible to create all kinds of attractive patterns using limestone.

Some of Creative Limestone's customers even have limestone paving surround their swimming pools. It's a versatile natural material that can get used in a variety of ways.

Limestone Steps

Creative Limestone has also had customers commission them to create limestone steps. They get used in many applications, such as steps to houses or down to separate garden areas.

The benefits of using limestone

Most people opt for limestone when constructing walls and for use as paving. But, what are the main advantages of doing so?

For a start, limestone is a material used since ancient Greek and Roman times. Today, people associate limestone with the construction of elegant-looking walls and floors. Another reason is down to cost. Limestone is more cost-effective to use than standard stone. It's also affordable because limestone occurs naturally along the coasts of Western Australia.

There's no denying that limestone gives any house an earthy feel. But, the material is also durable. Plus, one can clean limestone with ease.

About Creative Limestone:

Creative Limestone is a business that operates from Port Kennedy in Western Australia. They have more than 30 years of experience in the limestone construction industry.

The team behind the company comprises a group of professionals and experts. They work on both small and large-scale projects for domestic and commercial properties. Creative Limestone also works with local councils, schools other public sector entities.

Aside from limestone walls and paving, they also install artificial turf.

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