“It was more fun than going to the trampoline park or skate center,” said Hannah Tan, a 7th grader at Meigs Magnet school in Nashville, about the Ms.Biz Entrepreneur Summer Camp she attended during spring break. “My mom made me sign up, but I’m glad I did. This was more fun. You get to create. It’s hands-on,” said Hannah.

“Kids make great entrepreneurs because they’re creative, uninhibited, and they’re not afraid of failure. They won’t take no for an answer and just keep trying,” said Alison Rinner, aka “Ms.Biz.” “The younger I can get them, the more creative they are.” Students’ grades 4-9 turn their hobby into a business with logos, business cards and websites.

Hannah came up with a product that solved a problem she and her track teammates had—losing their water bottles. She developed “H2O Slingers” water bottle carriers. The neoprene carriers have shoulder straps and can be customized with school or team logos. Hannah created the idea, named it, designed it, did market research, and then created a logo, a website, and a profit estimate. Hannah thinks she can make about $3,000! Rinner encourages students to, “Do what you love and then it’s not work.”

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s easy for kids, says Rinner. “They already have the skills. It’s just applying them and knowing how to put it all together.” Hannah even had time at the end of each morning (the Ms.Biz Youth Entrepreneur Summer Camp is a half day camp) to play the games and shoot hoops. “It’s chill,” said Hannah. “I liked the research, asking people about my business idea. I learned that men don’t like the shoulder strap. So I’d need to come up with a different design for boys.”


Ms.Biz Youth Entrepreneur Summer Camps are held at University School of Nashville, Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, Tennessee; Battle Ground Academy and The Factory at Franklin, Tennessee.

For information, contact:
Alison Rinner
Telephone: 615-243-2393 Central Time USA
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Website: www.MsBiz.net