China; 02, September 2015: LED lighting tends to be much different than the traditional lights and have better efficiency. Huge amount of buyers are focusing on getting these energy efficient lighting systems for their house as well as offices to get an eco-friendly environment. Solar lights and LED lights are two of the best innovations in recent time that provide efficient lighting at cost effective rates. One of the companies that have been manufacturing these bulbs for a long time now is Nasavel.

The range of lights available at Nasavel consist of LED downlight, street light, panel light, retrofits, tube light, high bay and much more. People focusing on getting a big lighting system for a larger area can have a look at the LED floodlights available on the website. The capacity of the LED floodlights range from 200w to 1000w providing quality lighting system. LEDs have overpowered the traditional lighting system and they have been providing various benefits to their users.

Buyers can also have a look at the induction highbay lights that add to the variety of lighting systems sold by Nasavel. These lights can be used in different internal areas as well as external areas of the house. They have a capacity to provide around 60w to 300w lighting in any area. In the list of induction lights one can also have a look at the flood lights, street lights, retrofits, shoebox, explosion-proof lights and much more.

When compared with the traditional lighting system the LED bulbs last longer and provide higher value for money. There are some LED lights that can last more than 20 years and this makes them the preferred choice of most of the buyers. They also reduce wastage of electricity and they have the capacity to convert around 80 to 90% of energy they receive. Among the tube lights sold by Nasavel the LED T8 tubes provide wider variety to the users and they have the capacity to brighten the whole room with even low voltage supply.

Along with this there are solar lights sold by the company that are equally efficient. The buyers can have a look at the street solar light, garden solar light and the spare parts required for the solar lights. One has the option to make a proper research and contact the customer support through the online chat facility on the website. This makes the job easier for the buyers and helps them in getting quality lighting at cost effective rates.

About Nasavel:

Nasavel is a China based company that was started in the year 2011. They supply their lighting system to different countries around the world that includes UK, Russia, Poland, Australia and various other countries. The company has been continuously expanding and provides wider option to the buyers. To know more one can have a look at the above mentioned website.

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