Narad Muni dons the hat of a teacher in Dharti- Lok


Narayan Narayan Chulbule Narad Ki Natkhat Leelayen brings yet another episode full of laughter, surprises and wisdom. In the upcoming episode, Narad Muni will be seen on a job hunting spree, which brings him down to dharti-lok. Little did he know on reaching that a web of comical errors will surround him. Catch the mischievous Narad Muni teaching a lesson of life on earth this Thursday- Friday, May 14 and 15 at 8:00 pm on BIG MAGIC.


As per the track, narad muni will be seen exhausted and frustrated with his daily chores. Having found no resolution to his issue, he approaches Lord Vishnu with a humble request of allotting him some meaning full work. Pleased by Narad’s will, Vishnu suggests him to visit a Gurukul in dharti-lok as a teacher. Excited with the suggestion, Narad Muni decides to visit the Gurkul as ‘Taan’ along with his best friend Chingu as ‘Sen’. On reaching the ‘Gurukul’, he finds out that Gurudev and other teachers discriminate against students. When one of the rich Rajkumar’s misbehaved and bullied Chingu, none of the teachers came forward against them.


How will narad muni teach the lesson of equality? Will he be able to save Chingu’s self respect?


Catch this eye opening episode, only on BIG MAGIC at 8PM.