Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds people know of and his successes in the field of battle are studied at a lot of academies all over the world. Most people know of him as a great military leader since it is the reason why he is know all over the world, but in his private life he also had a lot of things he was attracted to due to their design.


One of the best examples you are able to find for this is a watch that Napoleon ordered in 1806. This shows how he enjoyed an intricate design and also how much he can appreciate the features of a clock that was way ahead of its time at that moment. This is where you are able to learn a few more details about all the features of the clock as well.


At that time all the clocks were made with a self winding mechanism since they did not have any batteries and the one Napoleon had could run up to eight days when turned. This was a very long period and it was able to display the hours, the minutes and the date they were in, a very difficult technological challenge for the time it was created also.


The person who was able to pull it off was named Louis Moinet, one of the best watchmakers of his time and one of the best pioneers in the field. The design he chose for the clock was similar to an amphora and it was made of gold so it can show off how precious it was. But this was not the end of the marvels you could find in this amazing clock.


Louis Moinet was also able to make it show the phases of the moon as well thanks to a tiny ivory ball inside the clock. It was very precise and you can be sure it would have shown all the details the owner needed to know as to the date and how the moon looked at that time, without even checking out the sky in order to see the phase it was in.


Another great feature that Louis Moinet was able to encompass in this clock was the one where Napoleon and Josephine are crowned. As soon as the music box would start, the ingenious mechanism used in order to make it would place the crowns on both their heads and thus they are able to enjoy their accomplishments every time it sang.


But this is not the only creation you will find from this amazing watchmaker and there are a lot of other examples you can find today. Even if he may not be alive, others have continued his work and if you want to check out the best designs you can go for when it comes to a wrist watch, the site is able to offer you all the answers.



Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds of all times, but he was also a man who enjoys looking at something beautiful. For this he ordered one of the most technologically advanced clocks of its time and Louis Moinet was able to pull off an amazing job with it, encompassing some great features for the time during which it was built in.