Simple fashion rules for men.

It does not need a fashionista to know that certain clothes look good on a person while others don’t. Even for those who are not into fashion, there are basic things that every man needs to know in order to properly groom themselves.

Here are some basic tips that every man must learn in order to properly dress himself up.

STOP WEARING FEDORAS. While fedoras and other dress hats were pretty huge among the hipster community during the past few years, for the 2016, they are passé. Fashion experts advise everyone to just stop with the fedora. There’s a reason why hipsters are so hated, they are pretentious and trying too hard. Fedoras and dressy hats are the epitome of both.

TUCK THE RIGHT KIND OF SHIRT. Some shirts are meant to be tucked in while others out. Shirts that have long tails are meant to be tucked in, while no tails means the shirt has to be left tucked out. The person can decide between tucking in or tucking out for shirts with medium-size tails.

DITCH THE FAKE GLASSES. There is certainly no reason for anyone to wear glasses unless their eyesight is poor. Wearing nonprescription glasses, does absolutely nothing. It is not necessary and no person should be caught wearing a pair.

WEAR SOCKS APPROPRIATELY. As a rule, tiny sports socks should only be used for sneakers and athletic shoes, while black or dark colored dress socks should be worn for dress leather shoes and formal attire.  This is the rule, and it does not mention anything about wearing socks on the sandals because no way in hell should any man be caught wearing socks with sandals.

CHOOSE SHIRT THAT BEST DEFINES THE PERSONALITY: Aside from looking for clothes that follow the trends, it is best to look for items that best define the personality of the wearer. For instance, DPCTED Apparel, the brand of apparel that offers witty and humorous statement t-shirts that celebrates the “tantalizing features” in everyone, offers witty and provocative statement t-shirts for men of various size and background. Because statement shirts are chosen for what the statement represents, DPCTED Apparel can showcase the personality of those people that the shirts represent.

DPCTED Apparel has been offered in Inked magazine and Spencer Gifts in the US. Just a few click away, anyone can get the perfect shirt to themselves.

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