The world in the music business has a lot of issues and events that trigger critiques to give their opinions and views regarding a certain subject. These views are either constructive or destructive to the enthusiasts in the music world. There can be learning or lessons that can be derived from these opinions especially if the person that aired out his views has established credibility about the subject on hand.

This is one reason why Music Biz is an interesting site from which independent artists can visit. It is full of articles that relate to particular subject in the music industry. If an independent artist wants to gain ground and get updates in the music world, he can read various articles in Music Biz and know about what the music business is facing. The articles in Music Biz are not news though but are commentaries, opinions and point of views of music insiders. Music Biz, however, make sure that the articles added to their site are reasonable, related to specific incident, relevant and informative. The experiences and discussions in the articles may be subjective but one who wants to know the world of music can gain something from these articles.

Music Biz is a unique community site intended to cater independent artists, music enthusiasts, disc jockeys, music marketers, and other players in the music business. Unlike other community sites that feature an individual profile, Music Biz features articles based on certain issues concerning the music industry. These articles come from different sources or contributors who air out personal opinions and analyses on whatever subject they have related to the music world. Although this is so, contributors are encouraged to practice responsible journalism so as not to be too disrespectful to certain issues. Articles in Music Biz are not necessarily facts but more on critiques and scrutiny.

However, this is not the only composition of Music Biz site. One of their menus shows real news about different music events, artists, and the business as a whole. The news in Music Biz links to the original source of the news. Independent artist can get real updates and real news in the music industry in Music Biz. The news is up to date and new events and issues are added every now and then.

Aside from editorials and news, visitors in Music Biz can also read feature articles in the music industry. Feature articles present interesting and factual events and subjects. Independent artists can get their updates from these features as well. The feature article, just like editorials, can be contributed by anybody as long as it is credible and reliable. Proper editing is also done to ensure that it meets the Music Biz standard to categorize it as feature articles. Members who log in to Music Biz can also contribute reviews regarding existing articles and other issues.

There are more than just articles, editorials, news, or features that Music Biz can offer. There is forum for music enthusiasts, marketplace where visitors or members can buy CD or DVD copies, and reviews.

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