Muscle Prodigy, a premier digital fitness brand, recently launched a new exercise program called MP45. MP45 is a workout and diet program aimed at getting users ripped in just 45 days. The program consists of a full step-by-step workout and diet plan along with an informative guide explaining the science behind the program.

“MP45 is the best workout program to get you ripped, build muscle, and to lose weight fast. Most of us want to look shredded, look jacked or just look lean. Whatever your goals are, MP45 is your solution. I want to put ripped six-pack abs and lean muscle on everyone,” said program creator Jaret Grossman.

Grossman, a certified personal trainer, was an All-American collegiate wrestler at Bryant University and used his experiences from wrestling and in the weight room to create the best workout program possible. He spent the last five years researching and crafting MP45.

“Not only is this the best workout program for fitness enthusiasts but it’s also the best workout program for athletes. As a distinguished college wrestler, I know what it takes to get into the best athletic shape possible. High Intensity Stimulation Training, which forms the basis of MP45, will build tremendous strength, burn fat and increase athleticism in just over six weeks,” said Grossman.

The program has seen huge success in its first year of launch with thousands of transformations and endorsements from the biggest names in fitness and sports. Some of MP45’s supporters are legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, NFL superstar Devin McCourty and fitness celebrities Marzia Prince and James Ellis.

“We have so many supporters with the program. The MP45 community is growing and we have received tons of positive feedback with everyone’s amazing transformations. I am so happy that people decided to give MP45 a try. They are proving through their incredible transformations why MP45 is truly the best workout program out there,” said Grossman.

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