Munawar is a well-known company that offers different tour packages to every interested individual. Munawar promotes Pulau Tidung and offers tour packages. In the country of Indonesia, there are lots of tourist spots that everyone can choose from. However, not all available tourist spots in the said country are attractive that tourists can enjoy. Pulau Tiding is one of the thousand islands of North Jakarta.

Because of the fact that Pulau Tidung or Tidung Island is a very beautiful place with affordable cost for travelling, Munawar has a lot of tour packages that every tourist can choose from. In this island, everyone can enjoy from large and even small Pulau or islands that measure less than 35 hectares. This particular island is a residential island and has a population of approximately 4000 and 2000 KK soul.

Everyone can have Pulau Tidung offered by Munawar and enjoy from their package services with a very low price. This company is one of the reasons why Pulau Tidung is now very high in tourism in Indonesia.

Customers of this particular tour company will not be required to have their own transportation to the island as the company includes transportation in their packages. However, the island can be reached by sea travel with the use of motor boat. The tour company either picks up their customers from the traditional fishing port named Muara Angke, Kapok Muara District or even from the ship pier named complex Marina, Ancol Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Other than the Pulau Tidung, there are lots of islands in this particular location that are also covered by the tour packages by Munawar.

Munawar is one of the reasons why Pulau Tidung is now listed as one of the most popular islands in the North Jakarta. The tour packages offered by this tour company differ from price and other characteristics. Once the client has purchased a tour package in this company that is cheap in price, the service will also be few. But, if the client chooses to have a more expensive tour package in this company, they will also have more services that can lead them to enjoy their visit to the island.

Today, there are lots of individuals who are having a visit in Wisata Pulau Tidung . With the use of the service offered by Munawar, everyone can enjoy their vacation in the particular island with their family and friends. Munawar is now one of the best Travel and Tours Company in the said island. Their services are very different to the services offered by other companies. Everyone can benefit from the service offered by this company as most of the customers and other individuals who want to go to the Pulau Tidung experienced.

For more information about Munawar and to travel to Pulau Tiding, please visit them in Pulau Tidung, Kepulauan Seribu. Everyone can also look for the company’s official website to negotiate a travel to the island.

Company: Munawar
Address: Pulau Tidung, Kepulauan Seribu