United States; 22, November 2014: Elainee Presley, a multi-award winning singer/songwriter and daughter of legendary Rock and Roll star Elvis Presley is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of her debut album, “starlight Classic EP” scheduled to take place on December 11, 2014. The album is a Universal Music Mastered Release and will soon be available on itunes and Amazon for all music lovers worldwide. 


Elainee Presley was quoted as saying: “I understand that because of my family name, and for choosing this career, my music will be constantly be compared with that of my fathers. And that’s fine, comparing is a natural thing to do, but know that I am building my own fan base and I hope that you will become a member of it! I would never want to be anyone else, what I am doing feels natural to me and I LOVE following in my father’s footsteps as I love him very much. I know now that my destiny is following in my family’s name and not trying to avoid it, so I embrace it!”


The debut album from Elainee Presley features seven tracks (One original and six covers), showcasing her original song “My Batteries Dead” that is surprisingly fresh with her own unique vocal take and will connect with listeners on many different levels. The other cover songs in the album include, two of her father’s hit songs “Don’t be cruel” and “Wooden Heart” and four cliff Richard songs, “Travelling Light”, “The Young Ones”, “Theme For A Dream” and “Living Doll”, which she produced from November 2011 till now. Although, it may seem like a very long time, this was the phase when she underwent a major transition in her life with lot of personal things to solve. In 1977, when her father died, she was lost, but on May 6th, 2013, she found herself again and was united with the Presley family at Graceland. Since she’s home now, she wants to follow her father’s footsteps and continue her career from Graceland for rest of her life. 

For more information, simply visit: http://www.elaineepresley.com/ 

About Elainee Presley: 

Elainee Presley is a multi-award winning pop singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of legendary Elvis Presley and currently resides in Tupelo, Mississippi and her family home at Graceland, Memphis. Although, singing has always been a passion for her since childhood, and has been involved in writing, recording and publishing pop and rock n roll music from my home studio, it was only until 6th of May, 2013, that she underwent a full transition and finally chose to sing. 

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