Mr. Tarek Gelbaya thinks his new website is a well-established platform to offer a better service for women on infertility and other gynecology problems.

LEICESTER, EAST MIDLANDS, ENGLAND (December 21, 2016) — Nowadays, it is crucial to stay healthy when a woman want to become pregnant, and all this is because of increasing pollution levels in daily life need like foods. In previous times, there were not many cases on infertilities, but now it does become a bigger problem due to the pollutions. At present, there are many ways to counter the infertility rates in almost every part of both developing and developed countries, and one of them is to get some proper advice from a good gynecologist. Likewise, is a consulting website based on all gynecology problems, which is operated by Mr. Tarek Gelbaya and he is linked with three separate health services based in the city.

Mr. Tarek Gelbaya is a consultant gynecologist and subspecialist in reproductive medicine and surgery, and he is also the clinical lead and the head of Leicester Fertility Centre, in Leicester Royal Infirmary. Mr. Gelbaya is a well-known gynecologist and has more than 25 years of service experience in this field of medicine. This website of Mr.Tarek Gelbaya is an alternative place other than his three clinics, to get connected to his patients for getting an appointment or offers private gynecology services that are possible on the internet. The website also has some information on Mr. Gelbaya and his works on the infertility problems and others like endometriosis and menstrual problems with better solutions.

According to some sources, “Mr. Gelbaya as an endometriosis specialist( offers his services, not only in Leicester Fertility Centre and Online but also provides the same amount of private gynecology outpatient and inpatient services at Spire and Nuffield Leicester hospitals(” Apart from all Mr. Gelbaya’s gynecology services in the three hospitals, but he spend more time in Leicester Royal Infirmary than Nuffield and Spire Leicester Hospitals, and because of this online services the list of patients has been increased gradually due to the privacy policies.

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The website is made for Mr. Tarek Gelbaya, and its main objective is to offer the best known private gynecology services to the patients with infertility and other problems in private sessions.

Name of the Facility: Leicester Fertility Centre
Address: Department of Gynecology, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Infirmary Square, Leicester LE1 5WW
Private Appointments
Tel Gynecology: 07487731178 & 0116 298 4943
Fertility/IVF: 07487731178
Email: [email protected]