USA — For those wishing to enjoy high quality MP4 files in a compressed form on their personal computers or laptops or other devices that do not support the MP4 file format, the MPEG4 player is the best choice of freeware.

The MPEG4 format is a compressed version of the MP4 format of video. It allows for greater media storage and the playback is seamless, provided the player is good. The software tool in question is such a player. It does not compromise on the quality of the video files and so there is no generation loss in the storage or conversion or playback. What is more is that since MP4 files are typically streamed online, once they are downloaded onto the system and fed into the player as part of a playlist, the user need not depend on the internet or get back online to watch those videos again.

There might be a few clips out of many that need to be played in a specific order for guests or for inspiration. This freeware allows for such considerations through its simple interface and the functionality of creating playlists. This is a rough and tumble player that is not high on functionality. It lets you choose your files, stack them in the order of your choice and then play them in seamless, no-loss high quality. So the pros are that it makes for an extremely fast download and comes across as an extremely user friendly software tool, owing to its simple interface. Of course, for those who wish to, the player also allows one to tweak the speed of the video and add subtitles. This makes it a perfect app to download and install.

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The MPEG4 player plays MP4 files seamlessly and without any loss in quality. Developed by trusted software company, this freeware is truly free and is devoid of hidden costs, the hassle of sign ups and the irritating presence of adware and malware.

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