MPEG to AVI Converter was launched to help users convert files into the more popular and flexible AVI format.

Today it’s become imperative for users to find video and movie files in a format that is compatible with different platforms and devices. That’s where MPEG files tend to struggle and have to be converted into AVI format, which is more versatile. It works with different mobile devices, computers and several types of players as well.

MPEG to AVI Converter has been created with the sole purpose of helping users with these conversions. Now they don’t have to go running to professionals to get these files converted because they can be in charge of things now and carry out the conversions at the desks. While AVI files are known for SD format, the good news is that this converter allows users to view files in HD format as well.

The conversions are said to be quick, which in itself saves users time. But that’s not all; batch conversions ensure that users can convert several files at a time. Thus it leads to an efficient way of file conversions. Users who want to cut parts of the original MPEG file and have it converted can do that as well, allowing themselves a great deal of flexibility with the final output.

The converter has different features including the option to choose the bit rate, resolution, audio quality etc. The converter is free but the output quality is said to be impeccable and on par with expensive conversion tools in the market.

About MPEG to AVI Converter

MPEG to AVI Converter allows users to convert MPEG files into the more versatile and easily compatible AVI format.

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