Move over P90X and CrossFit. MP45 may soon dominate the fitness market. MP45, a program created by renowned fitness celebrity Jaret Grossman, is gaining huge popularity in the fitness community. 

Grossman is the co-founder of Muscle Prodigy LLC, a premier digital fitness brand. His website,, is one of the largest fitness websites in the world with over 500,000 monthly visitors. Grossman believed that creating a workout program would be the best way to appease his loyal website following. 

“So many people use my website for their daily training and nutritional needs. At the request of my fans, I wanted to create a program that will put all of my philosophies and teachings into one detailed and organized program. As a well-respected personal trainer and former All-American collegiate athlete, I know what it takes to get into the best shape of your life. MP45 is that first and last step you need,” said Grossman.

MP45 focuses on the principles of H.I.S.T. (High Intensity Stimulation Training), a new type of training that combines a sprinter’s intensity workout with a powerlifter’s stimulation workout to provide incredible results. This is what Grossman believes separates MP45 from other training programs.

“Have you ever compared a sprinter to a marathon runner? The sprinter clearly has the better physique. It’s the idea of intensity that provides that difference. I train you like a sprinter to get you super ripped. However, just because you are shredded doesn’t mean you are strong. This is where I implemented some powerlifting workouts into the program. Sprinters have the best bodies. Powerlifters are the strongest. Combining both types of workouts is the perfect combination and something that no other workout program does.”

MP45 comes with a full 45 day workout and diet plan. Users are told exactly what workouts to do and the specific meals to eat for all 45 days. In addition, customers also get an informative guide explaining the science behind the program. 

The program has seen huge success in its first year of launch with thousands of transformations and endorsements from the biggest names in fitness and sports. Some of MP45’s supporters are legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, NFL superstar Devin McCourty and fitness celebrities Marzia Prince and James Ellis.

“I am elated with all the support and success stories from MP45. The positive feedback has been amazing. I want to thank those MP45 users out there. You are the ones who are inspiring others to take action. MP45 Nation is growing and we’re only getting stronger,” said Grossman.

For more information about MP45, you can check out the website at

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