movie - The Golden Sword only on Hungama TV Shinchan Beckons You for an Ultimate Adventure with the



A favourite with kids and loved for his adorable mischiefs and antics, Shinchan is back with yet another premiere of a brand new movie — The Golden Sword. Action and adventure come together in The Golden Sword as Shinchan takes it on himself to save the world!


Shinchan has gotten Misae buy him new ultra hero sword only to realise that the sword is not a normal toy but carries an ancient prophecy with it. This triggers a series of strange events including a visit by the stunning Canala, the arrival of Beth who claims to have the mission to protect Shinchan because he is the chosen one and the opening of the portal that leads to an evil world that marks the arrival of Dark, The Evil King who wants to conquer the land. If legends are to be believed,to do so one needs to find the golden sword and shield of silver, allegedly at the hands of the chosen one. Dark and their minions will use every weapon at their disposal including formidable magic to achieve his twisted aim while Shin Chan and Beth Another will do anything to stop it!


Tune in to this adventurous tale, filled with Shinchan’s naughtiness and tomfoolery only on Hungama TV this Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 11 am.



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