Chattanooga; 12, September 2014: DynaBellâ„¢, a revolutionary new fitness product designed by functional fitness innovators MoveStrongâ„¢, is pleased to announce that it has received rave reviews from fitness and health professionals. 

The DynaBellâ„¢ combines functional and traditional strength training in a single yet very powerful fitness tool. The DynaBellâ„¢ is perfect for a gym or can be tucked away under a bed and pulled out for the users daily exercise regiment. With an endless amount of exercises that can be achieved with the Dynabellâ„¢, the DynaBellâ„¢ allows the user to work a variety of muscle groups and can be used to incorporate movements that will engage the entire body as one connected unit targeting core strength and whole body stability while performing traditional dumbbell exercises. Exercising with the DynaBellâ„¢ results in developing lean muscle, improving human performance and providing real life strength to feel great and move efficiently in any direction. 

“The DynaBellâ„¢ is yet another innovative idea from MoveStrong” quoted Matthew Rhea, PhD, CSCS*D, CES, PES President Race RX Associate Professor of Kinesiology of A.T. Still University. “From a bio-mechanical and physiological perspective, the added fluidity of movement with the DynaBellâ„¢ promotes added muscle coordination that is sough in dynamic training. The DynaBellâ„¢ allows the brain to focus on improving movement efficiency while removing mechanical speed bumps. The rotating handle and swivel components of the DynaBellâ„¢ provide just this.” 

Features of the DynaBellâ„¢ include: 

Multiple Grips for Functional Exercises – The DynaBellâ„¢ is equipped with multiple grips for maximum movement and handling. It can be curled, rolled and swung. 

Rotating Center Handle – The rotating center handle is developed to allow the user to perform exercises such as the Dynabellâ„¢ Rollout, which targets the core and abdominal muscles. 

Unrestricted Movement — While the center handle provides rotation, the end handles rotate the DynaBellâ„¢ heads independently of each other providing unrestricted movement. 

Limitless Exercises – Due to its unique design, The Dynabellâ„¢ can be used in over a hundred exercises such as the; Weighted Crunch, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Biceps Curl, Tricep Extension, Wide Row, Squat, Reverse Lunge and Wrist Curl. 

New Exercises – The DynaBellâ„¢ provides revolutionary new exercises such as the; DynaBellâ„¢ Windmill, DynaBellâ„¢ Swing, DynaBellâ„¢ Front Squat, DynaBellâ„¢ Lunge, DynaBellâ„¢ Clean and DynaBellâ„¢ Push-up. 

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About MoveStrongâ„¢: 

MoveStrongâ„¢ is an inventor, manufacturer & distributor of functional fitness equipment. The company currently sells its equipment to retail and commercial customers with the goal of becoming the World’s #1 supplier of functional fitness equipment. The company also owns several trademarks and patents pending on product designs. 

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