When the idea of Morzine pops into the head, the phrase that repeats itself is almost always ‘ski Morzine’. But, this should not be the case. Though Morzine is an exceptional winter getaway where visitors and those keen on outdoor pursuits, such as skiing and ice climbing, go it is also one of the best places in France to mountain bike in the summer months. 

With literally thousands of kilometres of trails that go through the Portes du Soleil area, visitors who want to hit the trails in a familiar place can quickly learn just how much more there is to do that ski Morzine. For enthusiasts of the downhill, Morzine and the surrounding area is readily filled with paths and criss-crossed with trails that allow bikers to test their ability and skill at a level they are comfortable with. 

If a cross country route is more the thing, then the winter cross country paths that are taken to ski Morzine are perfect summertime cross country trails to challenge mountain bikers. 

The area around Morzine has been at the forefront of Alpine mountain biking since it mountain biking became a popular sport and past time. Not only do the trails enable visitors to choose their level of intensity and the type of trail they wish to ride, the views from the French Alps are some that cannot be forgotten or passed by on a whim. Plus, if visitors choose their timing just right, they can be in the French Alps in perfect time for a number of the competitions that take place there over the summer months. 

To learn more about how to visit the area around Morzine and mountain bike through the array of trails that draw in bikers from around the world, and where to stay while there, visit Ski Morzine at http://www.skimorzine.com/ or give them a call to speak to representatives on 0845 370 1104. 

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Ski Morzine has over ten years of experience in helping visitors to plan their perfect summer holiday in the area of the French Alps around Morzine. To learn more about what their expertise can do for you, visit them at http://www.skimorzine.com/ . 

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