Holidaymakers who decide to book villas in Sicily will find themselves with plenty of things to see and do on this beautiful Italian island, but one of the biggest attractions to be found here is Mount Etna. The most active volcano in Europe is located in the east of the island and is an important visitor attraction. It has always been popular, but even more people are likely to flock to see the volcano now that it has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

The World Heritage Committee granted Mount Etna special status during a 10-day meeting in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The committee decided that it had global significance for its cultural value because its volcanic activity has been documented for nearly 3,000 years. Indeed, lava flows and eruptions have been observed since the time of the ancient Greeks. 

At 3,300 metres high, Mount Etna is an impressive sight and one that many tourists want to see when they stay in villas in Sicily. Located near to Catania, it is 500,000 years old and has been active as recently as April 2013. 

During the meeting, the committee is also deciding whether to grant a further 30 sites around the world heritage status. These include another mountain, Mount Fuji in Japan. 

Mount Etna is not the only reason to visit Sicily of course. Sicily is an excellent holiday destination and villas in Sicily are popular for the culture, the beaches, the cities, the food and plenty of top attractions all over the island. Above all, Sicily is a place to relax on a beautiful beach and enjoy some late-summer sun, with temperatures staying warm long after the weather has become cooler in the UK. It’s a great place to visit, and holidaymakers should make sure they visit Mount Etna at some point on their trips, even if only to see the famous volcano from afar. 

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