#1 Ranked Self-Help Author Shawn Anderson Provides Lighthearted Ideas To Make the Next 365 Days Unmemorable.

Los Angeles, CA, December 27, 2016 -- For those who feel that 2016 was dull and uninspiring in their careers, relationships, finances and health, motivational expert Shawn Anderson playfully offers five tongue-and-cheek solutions to help guarantee that 2017 will continue to be just as unmemorable.

Anderson, the author of six books including a previously #1 ranked “motivation” book on Amazon, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, reveals the first of his five lighthearted tips, “Set your sights super low and commit to minimal, easy-to-reach goals. If your #1 goal is to only get out of bed every morning, you are bound to succeed. Don’t dare to dream big because bold goals lead to too much positive change.”

Second, Anderson suggests, “When you think of stepping out of your comfort zone to tackle a big goal, feel massive fear and the chance for absolute failure. Those two feelings will freeze forward momentum, prevent you from taking life-changing risks and pretty much assure that you will stay on the same non-achieving path.”

Third, Anderson advises, “Watch lots of TV. Forget working on goals in the evening when you get home. There is probably a Modern Family rerun you have only seen once before, so grab a drink, crash in front of the TV, and just believe your life will magically change on its own.”

Fourth, Anderson proposes, “Don’t forget to play the victim role, and blame everyone else for your lack of success. The boss, parents, the ex — it’s someone’s fault that you are where you are. And since it’s not your fault, it doesn’t even matter what you do because you know you are destined to stay stuck.”

Finally, Anderson recommends, “You’re probably too old, too young, too broke, too uneducated, or too something to even try to create positive change anyway. So why try?  In fact, if you give up now, no one can say ‘I told you so’ later.”

Anderson, the Founder of “Extra Mile Day” in the U.S. - a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change when we go the extra mile — concludes on a serious note: “Living a life that you love starts with having the courage to quit complaining and start taking massive action on serious goals. Life is fast and it’s short. Don’t waste yours.”

Shawn Anderson
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