Today getting a short URL or domain name is absolutely impossible as all the short names have already been registered and new websites are forced to take long URLs. There are number of disadvantages in having long URLs for websites. First of all people find it difficult to remember long URLs so this reduces the number of visits a website gets. Secondly, people may be bored to type long URLs to access a particular website. Thirdly when the website owner wants to share the URL over the phone, verbalizing the long URLs become very difficult and the chances are very high that the other person gets the wrong URLs and goes to the competitor. Even a minor variation in the URL can send the visitors to the competitors. Another major disadvantage is sharing long URLs over the emails and in other places become highly cumbersome.

To overcome such problems, today there are many URL shortening services available on the internet. Not all URL shortening services are equally effective. Most URL shortener services are free. One of the best url shortener services available on the web is This is an absolutely free online URL shortener. Users have to just enter their long URLs and in just seconds, they can get the short URL that they can use in their emails, over the phone to share the website address and in every situation they like to share their website‘s URL with the others.

There are number of other useful features with this URL shortener. Users will be able to add tags, descriptions and link name to their short URLs. It is also possible to include password to the link whereby the users will be allowed access only by providing the designated password. It is also possible to limit the number of visitors to the website using this service and thereby have control on the bandwidth. Another great feature that is found helpful by many webmaster is the URL shortener with tracking. Webmasters will be able to keep track of the visitors using the short URLs. This can also be used to shorten twitter URL. This feature is highly helpful when these URLs are used in email campaigns whereby they can track the effectiveness of their email campaigns. is one of the most reliable URL shortening services. It is also one of the most straightforward URL shortening services and it does not ask the users for unnecessary details. It is very safe to use this URL shortening service and no strings attached what so ever. To shorten the URLs and for the options available visit