Almost anyone who gets to use Audio-Technica headphones avers that they are pretty much 'not just ordinary headphones.'

According to many previous users of these headphones, their greatest attraction in their sound quality production capabilities. This is perhaps not a surprising revelation, because as people become more and more pragmatic in their shopping, we are seeing sound quality production fast becoming a top consideration when shopping for things like headphones.

- So the way it turns out is that when these headphones are compared to most other headphone brands with regard to sound quality, they tend to emerge winners - with the people who get to experience Audio-Technica's superiority with regard to sound quality production in turn passing the word to others who also try it, experience the same quality, pass the word onto to others...and so on and so forth, to end up with the reputation that Audio-Technica are now enjoying. Specific aspects of sound quality production that Audio-Technica headphones excel in include their ability to deliver sound at high resolution, their balanced bass production capacity and their overall sound clarity.

- Closely related to sound quality production, another great attraction for such headphones is their background noise cutting capability. This is a feature that headphone users sorely yearn for, and which has unfortunately tended to be absent in most other headphone brands. Audio-Technica headphone makers started work on environmental noise reduction long ago, and the background screening feature was in fact available, albeit with limited efficacy, on the very first Audio-Technica headphones that were called QuietPoint (perhaps in reference to it). The same feature has been enhanced in never versions of the headphones, and according to the makers of this headphones, their new version devices are designed to cut back on 80% plus of all background noise that could hamper the listener's experience - and this is a great attraction to people who are keen on getting a wholesome listening experience at whatever price.

- Talking of prices, incidentally, headphones turn out to be amongst the most reasonably priced of all 'high end' headphone brands - a great attraction to many people who are wary of paying more for a product that delivers no additional value.

- Wearing comfort is yet anther great attraction for these headphones. A great complaint voiced by headphone users, especially those who get to use headphones for extended periods of time, is the 'fact' that headphones do tend to hurt the ears - something that many headphone users have actually come to accept as 'a fact of life.'

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