Give or take, people from 4 to 94 can enjoy the well-loved sport of bowling. Every day, these people choose to meet at the local bowling alley to join in with the countless others who enjoy the fitness, fun and family of bowling. Their reasons are simple for doing so. Bowling is a sport in which almost everyone can participate. It engages your body from head to toe, and it surrounds you with people who want what you want — more enjoyment out of life.

“With information showing that forms of bowling have possibly been around since the time of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs — or certainly since around England in 1366, it’s easy to say that bowling has been captivating the heats of mankind for centuries.” says bowling enthusiast Joe Wayne.  Wayne has just released his information packed EBook:  Bowl Like a Pro; The Secret Book of the Masters .  One of the reasons bowling has lasted as long as it has is that, like mentioned earlier, just about anyone can play. “In football or baseball, not everyone has, or can develop, the skill needed to play these sports. With regard to bowling, though, if a person can roll or throw a ball they can bowl!”

Though bowling is a competitive sport, most people are competing against themselves for a better game. Sure, they want to beat their rival that’s playing on the lane next to them, but what they really want to do is bowl better than they did the last throw. Even professional bowlers miss pins now and again, and even a 5-year old can score a strike. Wayne says, “Maybe that is the great equalizer that makes bowling still so popular today. Anyone can be a winner with one throw of the ball.”

Beyond that, bowling provides an interesting level of fitness. A person doesn’t have to be in the best shape of their life to enjoy the game; but with the proper bowling tips and practice, bowling helps people become more ‘in tune’ with their bodies. “All parts have to work together to achieve a better thrown ball. Your mind, your arms, hands, legs and feet coordinate with each other to produce more fluid motion and momentum for a better throw. With practice, a person can reach a similar level of physical awareness as professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB”, states Wayne.

“It’s probably the ‘practice aspect’ of bowling that really makes it so much fun”, Wayne says, “That’s the part of bowling that fosters the sense of family.” Everyone at the alley is doing the same things that you are. Learning what not to do, learning what to do better, and watching others go through the same motions can be powerful motivators to keep playing and keep playing better. “One thing everyone in the bowling alley has in common”, says Wayne, “is that they all want to win — and if they can’t win yet, they want to have fun trying.”

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