Kuala Lumpur, March 06, 2013 - MOPTmedia Consulting recently announced their new All In One SEO Solution packages that includes daily drip feed. 

MOPTmedia is an online search engine optimization management service provider based in Malaysia with a global clientele. Recently, it has announced a new solution for their SEO packages in a bid to become one of the productive SEO services online, as announced by their CEO Wan Firdaus. 

“Our goal for 2013 is to serve client and bring their website to Page One of Google without a hassle, using set and forget drip feed service, they sign up with us, give their URLs and Keyword, we work on their rankings improvement everyday and send reports every 2 weeks. So basically they only focus on sales and content, we do the SEO work”, Mr. Wan Firdaus told a online news conference after the service launching. 

MOPTmedia is the go-to website for businesses who want to increase their online presence through link building. They provide advertisers and publishers with the latest information on search engine systems, a must in the highly competitive online marketing industry. 

About MOPTmedia Online Consulting 

Was founded in January 2010 and incorporated in the state of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

MOPTmedia Online Consulting provides premium SEO services to customers from North America, Western Europe, Great Britain and Asia. 

Visit the website http://www.moptmedia.com/all-in-one-seo-solution-package/ to learn more All In One SEO includes Drip Feed services. 

For Media Contact:
Wan Firdaus, CEO
MOPTmedia Online Consulting
Phone: 60122572328
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