seolabservicex398 , has recognized a need within the community and has therefore created an innovative, content driven, social networking platform and mobile application for the gay men worldwide. The most impressive and one of a kind feature is the highly active Live Feed. Like never before, gay men can share posts, interact and engage without limitations in an environment consisting of individuals with preexisting commonalities.

In a mere 5 months, Moovz has hosted over 1 million posts from gay men around the world. Now, more than ever, gay men are truly sharing their real life, real stories and true feelings. The platform, which currently operates in ten different languages, and operates on a global scale, has taken the market by storm. Moovz has also been featured in many leading online media portals.

With over 35 million interactions to date, Moovz features a variety of connectivity options that optimize user engagement. To promote the sharing aspect of social networking, Moovz has developed the advanced feed engine, which provides an endless stream of user generated content. Moovz users are able to locate, share and read various types of posts consisting of text, videos, pictures and more. This feature makes Moovz a one of a kind platform, enriched with content stemming from the users themselves. Gay men are now able to openly share their lives and embrace their community.

“I really hope the gay community takes advantage of this great opportunity to meet others in a safe and friendly environment. I'm tired of the usual "hook up" sites or apps. I look forward to meeting some great people and building lasting friendships,” says Louis from USA.

“I love this webpage! I can talk with gay people from different countries. I think it's the best way to share customs and cultures, and exchange thoughts about the gay community,” says Alejandro from Peru.

“I think Moovz is a very innovative social network. In the future, Moovz could be a big social network like Facebook,” says David from Venezuela.

“We wanted to build Moovz to provide gay men from around the world with the ability to connect like never before. Using customized advanced technologies, this revolutionary platform enables users to share their own content, chat in real-time, and interact with others. We believe that providing our Moovz platform for people around the globe who already have things in common will enable them to interact on a higher level and connect as a community,” says Liav Eliash, Co-Founder & CEO of Moovz, developed by Interacting Technology Ltd.

For more information or to join Moovz visit: or download on your Android or Apple device.

Company name: Interacting technology
Media contact: Liav Eliash
Adress: 99 Heshmonaim St. Tel-Aviv 67133, Israel
Phone number: +972-54-2428543