[Singapore] — MoolahSense is Singapore’s first peer-to-peer lending platform (the first in Southeast Asia) that empowers investors to stimulate economic growth by providing finance directly to growth SMEs in exchange for an attractive rate of interest.

In today’s ever-growing world of entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, the need for funding is always a critical requirement.
MoolahSense is an online crowd-lending platform that provides financing support for sectors including education, retail, business services, engineering and many more.

The team at MoolahSense is led by co-founder and CEO Lawrence Yong who is responsible for strategic planning and business development of the company.

Lawrence holds a Masters Degree in Financial Engineering and had was a veteran banker for over twelve years before he started MoolahSense. In the 1st half his career, Lawrence was involved in the area of wealth management, with his last role heading an award-winning investment product team at Standard Chartered Bank. In the latter half of his banking career, he was helping large corporates and institutions raise funds from the capital markets as in the area of Fixed Income Investment Banking.

MoolahSense allows SMEs to harness the power of the crowd by procuring funds at a reasonable rate. The platform offers everyday investors the opportunity to invest directly in quality local businesses, supporting their growth, in exchange for an attractive fixed return.

Successful campaigns funded through the platform include Seoul Yummy, a Korean casual dining restaurant, who was seeking funds for business expansion and growth capital. This campaign alone was 150% oversubscribed and successfully funded with $200,000 by 62 unique investors.

From getting off the ground in November 2014, two other businesses have raised S$100k and S$250k for Smaths Consulting and First Media Design School respectively by tapping the crowd through MoolahSense. Similarly, both ended in oversubscribed rounds.

To find out how you can get started with crowdfinancing through MoolahSense, visit www.moolahsense.com. For enquiries, call +65 6871 8780

Contact Information:
Lawrence Yong — CEO & Co-Founder
+65 6871 8780