(Free Press Release) Natural ventilation specialist Monodraught has introduced a new high-performance damper for its range of Windcatcher natural ventilation systems. The new Quantum damper achieves a class leading 0.25 l/s air leakage level at 50 Pa pressure compared to Class 4 dampers that typically provide 1l/s air leakage at 50 Pa. This is equivalent to an air tightness level of 1.0 m³/h/m² at 50 Pa pressure.

Monodraught claims that the excellent air tightness levels and a U-value of only 1.0W/m²K will help to reduce annual energy costs by minimising heat losses from systems fitted with poorly performing or incorrectly fitted dampers.

The Quantum damper features a unique blade and cam operating system (patent pending) with counter-action insulated damper blades. It has been specially designed for regulating, adjusting or closing air flows in Monodraught natural ventilation systems. Its multi-layer construction and insulated blades make the new damper ideal for natural ventilation systems designed to be fitted through roofs or walls, where heat leakage can be a problem.

The Quantum damper is manufactured using fully recycled materials and is supplied complete with plastic bearings and EPDM rubber seals. It has been tested to 50,000 operations.

Commenting for Monodraught, managing director Tony Cull says independent tests have shown that the new damper offers 60% greater thermal insulation and a staggering 970% greater air tightness than natural ventilation dampers currently available.

The Quantum damper will be fitted initially to Monodraught‘s X-Air natural ventilation systems and will be available, with test certificates, from spring 2011.

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