Mommy Please, a maker of organic play food sets, has officially released to the public the 2 main reasons why the company’s play food set makes the perfect gift for any child on any celebratory occasion. With Mother’s and Father’s Day behind for the 2016 year, many customers are already considering the incredible deals that could pop up between now and Christmas.

Reason 1: Innovation
Children receiving the gift can expect to find a material quality that is indicative of an innovative improvement in the Mommy please production process for the play food set. The play food set is now produced with a Bisphenol A (BPA) Free plastic that is durable and keeps children safe. Customers have frequently commented on the quality and consideration of the company in this respect with their reviews on Amazon.

Reason 2: Variety
Any child who is gifted with the play food set can also expect to find variety. Following are a few of the toy foods included in the Mommy Please play food set: organic chocolate milk,  crackers, lettuce, croissants, potatoes, hamburger patty, potato chips, Broccoli, donuts, carrots, fried eggs, whole pizza, watermelon, bread, red and green peppers, chicken legs, hamburger buns, maple syrup, Cauliflower, chocolate bars, pear, orange slices, cherry pie, two green apples, hot dogs and buns, Cucumber, French fries, sliced tomato, red pepper, mushroom, asparagus, organic milk, strawberries, tomatoes, green pepper, juice cartons, ice cream cones, bananas, ears of corn, red apple, pretend eggs (brown and healthy), realistic waffle with butter, whole miniature chicken, cheese, condiments, purple and green grapes, and French bread.

Since the release of the Mommy Please’s play food set, it has received nearly 500 positive reviews on that average 4.8 out of 5 stars. Hundreds of happy parents have loved the play food set’s safety features and variety, and many reviewers claim to have purchased sets not only for their own kids, but also the children of their friends and family. Highly discounted for a limited time, the play food set is currently available on Amazon.

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