A new 10% discount is now being announced for the products being sold by Mode Dog: LOVELYDOG . Mode Dog is a company that provides high quality fancy dog collars , leashes and accessories for dogs. The company itself features a number of unique designs for high quality dog collars.

Sporting a number of eye catching designs, Mode Dog features a number of exceptionally produced dog collars that range from traditional leather to different fabrics. Each collar features a unique design and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Their most popular collars are their pink dog collars . All of the dog collars are crafted from high quality materials with firm, yet comfortable clasps. This makes attaching the leashes or unbuckling the collars quick and easy.

The leashes are also made from high quality materials such as leather or fabrics. The leashes also feature quick release clasps that make it easy to attach and detach from the dog collars. Also, Mode Dog has a number of dog accessories as well. The focus of Mode Dog is to provide high quality cute dog collars , leashes and accessories for low, competitive prices. As an online store, Mode Dog also places special emphasis on customer service. More of a dog boutique than a retail outlet, Mode Dog offers the selection and service of a high quality store while retaining the lower prices and special customer friendly appeal of more retail shops. This unique blend helps separate Mode Dog from many other stores that specialize in dog collars, leashes and accessories.

For more information about dog collars, leashes and accessories provided by Mode Dog , please visit ModeDog.com and use LOVELYDOG during checkout for 10% off all orders for a limited time only.

Lauren Schmitt
Mode Dog
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
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