United States of America; 06, April 2015: While using the internet one of the most important things that come into play is the browser. One needs to have an efficient browser that provides easy navigation options and comes with faster browsing features. One of the two most common browsers in use in present times is Google Chrome and Internet explorer. Along with this there are various browsers that provide nice options to the users and prove to be a nice competition for the present day browsers. One of those browsers that comes with effective browsing features is the Dolphin browser.


Today huge numbers of people browse through the internet through their smartphones and tablets. It is important to have a browser that is well compatible with desktops, laptops, iphone, iPad and various other android devices. The users like to see easy navigation features and an interactive interface. The more the options the easier it becomes for the user to conduct their work on the internet. Keeping this in mind Dolphin has included various features that make it flexible and easy to use in any device around the world. It also includes various games and unique applications that is aimed at the young users.

There are two versions of this browser, one if the normal Dolphin 11.4.2 and the other is the Dolphin express 11.4.1. There are various customization techniques to make surfing easy and fun. It adapts itself with the type of device one is using and this is the most innovative feature that attracts most of the users. Some of the new features included in Dolphin that is rarely seen in other browsers are the gesture control features, sharing feature and voice control. It is available for download on the playstore and one just needs to go to the applications section in the playstore to get this browser.

To read Dolphin Web Browser FAQ one can visit http://dolphin.com/support/ and have a look at all the important information related to this application. One would get to know about the new features included in this application and the specifications of the browser. To download dolphin browser one can also visit http://dolphin.com/support/download/. One should have a proper look at the FAQ and the support present in the website. It would help them use the browser effectively and known about all its innovative features.

The Dolphin express provides the feature of localized homepage that would help the users have a look at the real time news and weather information. It also supports various languages the include Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Phillipines and various other countries.

About MoboTap:

Website: http://dolphin.com/

MoboTap is a web browser development company that has designed a new and innovative browser that functions on various devices. The browser can be easily customized according to the user’s requirements and its unique interface makes it easier for the users to surf the internet. To know more about the application one can visit the abovementioned website.