28, December 2016: Digital publishers around the globe can use Mobissueto enrich the reading experience of their targeted audiences. The customers can now use it to read the stunning, interactive html5 Flipbook on all mobile devices, including PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

With Mobissue, publishers can easily bring their content to life on tablets and phones. No coding and hassles are involved in the process, as the company provides html5flipbook software that allows publishers to create, publish and share their content within a few simple steps.

The multimedia html5 flipbook created using Mobissueis released in a format that is easy compatible with the most common digital devices the modern people use — PC, smart phones and tablets.

The software comes with a bunch of amazing features that include but are not limited to:

- Easily uploading PDF files or images to Mobissue Cloud Platform. This allows publishers create and publish their content for free.

- Mobissue Desktop Client enables users to add animation, video, audio, links and images to make the content interactive and engaging for the readers.

- There are scores of pre-designed templates that could be used by publishers to create their content. They are easily customizable and save much time and efforts.

- Another great feature is a drag-and-drop editor that helps users quickly form their product the way they like it.

- Animation Editor is added to help publishers enrich their content without having to write a single line of code.

Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue, shares: “As the latest innovation in the digital publishing industry, our software is going to change on the one hand the way of creation of digital magazines and on the other hand the reading experience, adding much comfort and success to both.”

For more information about the Mobissue HTML5 Flipbook software, please visit Mobissue website.

About Mobissue:

Mobissue is a world popular digital publishing company known for the unique HTML5 Flipbook software it provides.It is able to keep ahead of others by being up-to-date with trends in the publishing industry and producing softwares that meet the demands of today’s market and that of the future.

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