Lack of knowledge enforces the mobile phone users to spend unnecessarily on new mobile phones and connections. reveals the secrets about the actual money that needs to be spent on various mobile expenses.

NSW, Australia 4 August 2009 - introduces the portal for mobile phone users to evaluate their current mobile costs and reduce these costs significantly to a genuine level. Many mobile selling and connection providing companies overprice these products to take advantage of buyer‘s ingenuousness. The website is a customer-friendly destination to help the customers know the right money they should be spending on various mobile deals.

Mobile Phone Secrets is an advanced mobile consumer guide expert and a constant evaluator of mobile phone industry in Australia. With plenty exposure in the industry, the website has made itself capable of answering the questions most frequently asked by inexperienced mobile phone buyers. ´How to find best mobile phone deals‘, ´How to find the cheap mobile phone plans‘ and ´How to compare mobile phone deals‘ are some of the questions, answered proficiently by the website.

The website is a platform to obtain information related to mobile phone deals, tariffs, call charges, SMS charges, cap plans, voicemail charges and all other expenses related to mobile phone usage. It also provides reviews about various mobile phone dealers and compares the deals launched by them. The potential mobile phone buyers with confused state of mind can visit the website to take a look at what type of deals are available for them and how can they choose the one meeting their demands.

Most of the other consumer guides fail to reveal the costs hided by mobile phone companies. The reason is that they are not able to peep in the inside trends of the industry. has John Bertone as the mastermind behind the information and secrets revealed. Being the mobile phone consumer guide specialist, John helps the consumers to make right choices to fulfill their mobile needs.

Start learning the secrets about mobile phone costs by visiting The site is regularly updated with worthy information to guide the consumers about existing trends in the mobile phone industry.

About is an expert consumer guide that provides inside knowledge about mobile phone industry, helping the buyers to understand the reality behind high-priced mobile deals. John Bertone, with has years of experience in mobile phone industry, has capably used the website to make people the informed mobile phone buyers. The mobile phone consumers can use the website to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on mobile phone deals and pre-paid as well as post-paid mobile plans.

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