(Free Press Release) London, UK ( freepressrelease ) October 22, 2010 - By 2013 more people will access the Internet on a mobile phone than on a desktop PC. Yet only 3% of websites have a mobile ready version. To fill this gap, this week marks the launch of Mobisite.co.uk, a (http://www.mobisite.co.uk)mobile web design service. Mobisite.co.uk designs websites that render correctly on over 5,000 smartphones, and normal mobile phones.

The MobiSite system automatically detects when someone is trying to access a website on a mobile device, and serves the mobile optimised version. In the first few days alone mobisite.co.uk have signed up over 20 customers.

The UK MD Nick Leech said today: “Normal websites are designed for the big screen, which these days are usually at least 17 inches across. The simple truth is that websites just don‘t look right on a mobile phone screen. The buttons are tiny and the text is unreadable. Users find them difficult to use. We take the important elements of a desktop website and turn them into a mobile optimised one”.

A mobisite.co.uk (http://www.mobisite.co.uk)mobile website includes advanced features such as Google Maps integration, a click to call button, home-screen bookmarking and a store locator that integrates with the phone GPS system. Mobile websites from mobisite.co.uk start at just £30/m

About Mobisite

Mobisite.co.uk is an independently run mobile website design service. From offices in the heart of London, the mobisite.co.uk team of web designers produce awesome mobile websites with the latest gizmos. The Mobisite.co.uk team also help customers drive traffic to their new mobile website, to make sure it turns a profit from day 1.

For more information:
Nick Leech
[email protected]
020 7593 1848