London, United Kingdom; 02, July 2016: Mobile Phone Signal Boosters announces up to 30% sale on signal boosters from certified providers such as large choice of a EE Signal Booster, Three Signal Booster as well as O2, Vodafone and other UK network provider boosters. Each mobile phone signal booster is CE Certified that guarantees five bar signal on mobile phones. This signal boosters store has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and the delivery and shipping is free within UK. The variety of signal boosters from Mobile Phone Signal Boosters are guaranteed, made with quality because their providers are all reliable.

The store offers EE Mobile Signal Boosters which provides the fastest 2G, 3G and 4G network including data and voice services. EE’s 2G services are almost reaching 99% of UK population and it operates with 1800 MHz frequency. EE’s 3G is widespread serving 97% of UK population operating in 1800 and 2100 MHz in frequency of LTE bands. This booster supports data connectivity, voice calling and broadband features.

Furthermore, it offers choices for an O2 signal booster that are easy to install and can be useful for place with low signal receptions. O2 Mobile Signal Boosters use 900/1800 MHz and 900/1200 MHz LTE frequencies on its 3G and 2G services. The spectrum is efficient to give strong receptions. This mobile booster completes an efficient network communication system.

They also have Vodafone Signal Boosters for waterloo outskirts and regions. Disconnection and drop calls commonly happen in rural areas. Each Vodafone signal booster is handy and can alleviate low reception in any situation. It is fully compatible with 2G Vodafone networks and use 900/1800 MHz single frequency band. They also sell Three Mobile signal boosters. They don’t provide 2G services but focuse on 4G and 3G business; perfect for 2100 MHz and its 3G services cover 97% of UK’s population.

Mobile Phone Signal Boosters operate all around United Kingdom. They are a team of signal repeater professionals and analysts. They have been in the industry for 10 years now and already developed many resolute and highly-efficient mobile boosters in multiple, dual or single frequency ranges. Their products offer 100% authenticity and guaranteed by regulatory authorities. You will be well-covered with their wide range of signal booster products. Email or contact Mobile Phone Signal Boosters today to boost your signal!

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