The mobile magnet, one of the leading SEO experts in the Wodlands, Texas recently launched their latest Search Engine Optimisation service aptly named Project: Annihilation. According to the company website, the purpose of their newest service is to virtually eliminate their clients’ competitions from the top page of Google’s search results. The website further informed that Project: Annihilation is currently available only to the company’s Platinum clients.

Search Engine Optimization plays a very crucial role in increasing the ranking of a website in organic search results. It allows search engines like Google and Yahoo to catalogue a website’s content, thus, placing it higher on a search result. SEOs are particularly important for websites advertising products or services. These days, however, the traditional way of doing search engine optimization produces uninspiring results. This is mainly because many businesses opt to perform the same optimization as their competitions, thus, making it impossible for them to stand out from the crowd.

A representative for Mobile Magnet said, “A company can lose a lot of money in revenue to its competitors, if it does not feature in the first page of any search results. Additionally, such companies can also lose brand exposure to potential clients who may be interested in their services or products.” He added, “By using our proprietary strategies, clients of Project: Annihilation can feature at Google’s top spots and control various web properties. Along with our partner companies, we currently rank over 3500 web properties on Google’s top page.” According to, Project: Annihilation includes ranking analysis report, multiple listings on Google’s first page and daily keyword monitoring.

According to, their clients have very expectations and expect only the best service. Likewise, Mobile Magnet also set the same expectations from their clients, or as they are called, marketing partners. Mobile Magnet works with their clients and offers them insights on how they can get more customers and maximize their dollars. For more information please go to

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