Beijing — Recently, each sub-forum of the 10th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (CHINASSL2013) has been held in Beijing. Lin Jiliang, who is the general manager of MLS CO., LTD, has invited to attend the sub-forum which was named as “Designation of LED products and lighting project” and he delivered a speech which was entitled with the name of “Analysis of the specification for replaceable LED lighting source “.

The working efficiency of the LED lighting source has had fast-growing during the past days. Furthermore, the specification of the LED light products has also been improved gradually. For most of China LED Tube light manufacturers, the major international certification is the essential step if they want to enter into the international indoor lighting market. In MR Lin¡¯s speech, he highlighted the advantages of the LED Tube with the single-ended electrical power which is not only in line with international security requirements, more importantly to exclude possibility of electric shocking in the maintenance process. On the other hand, the single-ended electrical power supply could also help manufacturer save materials.

It is reported that double end power supply for the LED lamp is the MLS main reason which would cause into the electric shock. The power supply could be divided into the FireWire and ground wire. The wrong way for power supply could install the power switch between the power supply and the load and fuse between the electric equipment and switch. However, the single-ended electrical power could help people totally solve this problem.

At the end of the speech, Lin Jiliang who is the general manager of MLS lighting ( ) has concluded that the cost-effective of the LED products especially for China LED Tube light is rising year by year so that the market for the LED lighting has become more and more lively. At the same time, the performance of the LED products has also had rapid improvement and development which should be the good news for all of people around the world.

MR Lin also said that the confirmation of the commonly specifications for LED products should be developed by common consensus and effort of LED manufacturer all around the world. Most of LED lamp applies the PC plastic which contains multi-features and this material¡¯s tube could highlight the advantages of lighting efficiency. Because of the gradually growing of the LED lighting efficiency, the luminousflux should be regarded as main specifications at this stage. Furthermore, the LED lamp applies the technique of single-ended electrical which could provide with people the safety features and comply with international electrical specifications. LED bulb should adopt appropriate applications for each type of products.

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