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12-16-2016 - Mixologist World has brought perfect TUMBLER (30 0z) for the people on the go available in Amazon! Stainless steel large containers with a double grip handle within reasonable price perfect for all people.

People travelling, golfing, cycling, hiking, shopping in car, gym or office can enjoy their favorite drink at the perfect temperature with this TUMBLER. It is hard to find a perfect container that would not only keep the drink or beverage but will keep it safe.

Thinking about all that Mixologist World presented this Tumbler which will not only be a container one will love to use but also will be a good investment. Because this TUMBLER is not only to store tea, coffee or other beverages it will enable one to  keep beverage getting losing its frosty or piping hot. So that it can be enjoyed as it should be.

Tumbler (30 oz) is BPA free that means it is free from harmful industrial chemicals that affects health. Mixologist Company provides quality tools that will only enlighten one’s daily life not inject harmful things. It is dishwater safe and sweat-free because of high quality stainless steel. Also has perfect crystal clear slider closure lid to make it splash proof that will keep your dress/shirt safe. Beside that its attractive anti-slip rubber design cup will remain ever elegant in your hand.

Why one should waste money in thermoses when one can buy a Tumbler that can be used for multipurpose. Now it will easy for one to carry their drink with them. Mixologist World designed the TUMBLER thinking about busy people who have less time to worry about little thinks like staying hydrated and caring for their health. So this will perfect for them they do not have to worry about stopping in a store to buy coffee, drink or other beverages. One can make preparation from home and go directly to their destination.

Mixologist World Family stands behind on their promise of providing great product to make people happy.

Mixologist World is launching this TUMBLER exclusively on Amazon. And also with a great sales offer. This stainless steel Double walled vacuum installed Tumbler is available at AMAZON with an incredible price that is right in budget.

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