Mission Y.A.R.O BhiMaa Banega


Y.A.R.O (Anirudh Dave) in his quest to fit in to the human society is out on a new mission. The humanoid who has a artificial heart that helps him understand and feel human emotions has decided to embrace motherhood. The affable Y.A.R.O asks his human mother Beena (Malini Kapoor) about the meaning of the word ‘Maa’ who explains to him about the concept of a mother’s undying love.


Y.A.R.O who registers all the information on mother’s love and sets a new target ‘Y.A.R.O bhiMaabanega’. He asks Amar, Prem and Shilpi to help him achieve his target, but they are stumped. Looking at their reactions Y.A.R.O leaves the place silently. However soon Beena and Professor Aggrawal (Rakesh Bedi) learn about his latest mission and let shell shocked. They immediately set out to stop him and go looking out, but are unable to find him. Aggrawal who has fixed a tracking device on Y.A.R.O is unable to track him which leaves all of them worried. On the other hand which trying to accomplish his latest task Y.A.R.O finds a little baby in an abandoned Pram.


Anirudh Dave who plays Y.A.R.O said, “While trying to understand the various emotions humans go through, Y.A.R.O leaves about a mother’s unconditional love. His mother tells him that being a mother is the best feeling ever in this world. He soon sets out on a mission ‘Y.A.R.O bhiMaabanega’ much to everyone’s shock. He tries to seek help from his friends, but they are clueless as to how will they explain to him that he cannot be a mother. When he realizes that they will not help him he sets out on his own. The story takes a twist when he comes across a abandoned baby and decides to get it home and nurture it like a mother.”


How will Y.A.R.O nurture the abandoned baby? Will he ever find the real mother of the baby?


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