Company is certain its adjustable saxophone neck strap is both classy and functional.

Tamarac, Florida-based Miracle Sound has been studying and developing accessories for musical instruments that enhance the music or make the musician more comfortable. The company has just released an adjustable and classy saxophone neck strap on the Amazon webstore.

The company has taken exceptional measures to ensure the fabrics used in the neck strap are both lightweight and durable. This is to allow saxophonists to play for incredibly long hours without back or neck aches. The saxophone neck strap is believed to be ideal for both tenor and alto saxophones. It measures around 21 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches and weighs less than 0.3 ounces.

Miracle Sound believes going one step beyond can help it gain an edge over the competition in this fiercely competitive market. With this in mind, the company has  decided to make the neck strap adjustable, for added comfort. The strap can now be used by saxophonists of all heights and can be easily pulled from 16.5 inches (42 centimeters) to over 23 inches (58 centimeters).

To make the strap more durable, the company has sourced the finest quality faux leather. Prolonged use of the neck strap could result in tears over time, so the faux leather is a great way to ensure the accessory is useful for longer.

Another aspect the firm likes to focus on is the price. Miracle Sound firmly believes affordability is the key to getting quality products out to as many people as possible. Keeping this in mind, the saxophone neck strap has been aggressively priced at $10 only on Amazon. The product has been well received and hundreds of units have already been sold on the website. Currently priced at $9.99, the saxophone neck strap has been given five stars for quality and price by almost all the customers who’ve bought it online. 96% of the people who’ve reviewed the product have given it a full score in terms of satisfaction.
Despite the world-class quality, meticulous design and affordable price, customers can return the neck strap if they are unsatisfied with the product. The company promises a full money back guarantee for anyone unhappy with the product after using it for a while.

The versatile neck strap has been carefully designed to be wearable by both sexes. Unique and classy designs help make the strap appealing to musicians from all across the globe. It can also be used with musical instruments besides the saxophone, including the oboe, English horns, bassoons and clarinets.

Brand: Miracle sound
Address: Tamarac, FL
Email: [email protected]