Miracle Sound has released a functional and affordable accessory with unique design features.

Miracle Sound is proud to announce the successful release of its classy saxophone neck strap online. The Florida-based musical instrument and accessory manufacturer has worked closely with musicians and designers to design the perfect neck strap for musical instruments that need to be worn around the neck.

Instruments such as the oboe, English horns, bassoons and clarinets and saxophone need to be carried around the body, strapped to the neck. For prolonged periods of use, these instruments can make the musician very uncomfortable and cause chronic back and neck issues if the pain is ignored for long enough.

Neck straps already on the market allow the wearer to hold the instrument in better positions, but there isn’t much focus on making the accessory comfortable or safe for long periods of use.

Miracle Sound has dealt with these issues and has focused on an accessory it believes can beat out rivals in the market. The classy saxophone neck strap the company has developed is fully adjustable and can be adjusted as per the height of the musician. The strap can easily adjust from 16.5 inches (42 centimeters) to over 23 inches (58 centimeters). It is also made from faux leather which makes it a lot more durable. The neck strap is cushioned to make it softer on the skin.

The company has also taken extraordinary measures to ensure the neck strap is both fashionable and well priced. The design is widely considered to be unisex and can be used by all musicians regardless of their gender. It is currently priced at a very affordable $9.99 on Amazon.

Miracle Sound firmly believes that to get quality products in the hands of as many musicians as possible is the best way to grow its online operations. This is why the team has focused on improve the quality and aggressively pricing the product below $10. The company also promises a full cash back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied for whatever reason.

Miracle Sound set out to create a neck strap that was really useful, nicely designed, completely adjustable, remarkably durable and affordable. The company believes it has delivered on all fronts and is optimistic it can successfully sell a massive number of these neck straps over the coming years.

Weighing in at a mere 0.3 ounces, and measuring 21 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches, the neck strap is light and easy to carry around. Many reviews on the Amazon website mention the neck strap being so light, it is easily forgotten.

96% of the reviews on amazon have been positive and the average score for the product is 4.8 out of a total of 5 stars. The product was released to the public on October 18, 2015.

Brand: Miracle sound
Address: Tamarac, FL
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.miraclesound.us