The Black cat Mini MOD has been projected to be one of the best sellers of the year 2015. With most Electronic cigarettes coming in regular cigarette sizes, black cat Mini MOD is compact. Recent reviews sheds light on its appreciation for full vaping power of the majority of the full size mods in addition to some other mods.

Mark Twain openly stated “I vape in moderation. Only one e-cigar at a time” — referring to the blackcat Cuban electronic cigar. In May, Black cat officially launched its latest signature series of the Premium e-liquids. Close sources have confirmed that the company has already rolled out its 10unique flavors of the E-cigs which have reportedly pleased even one of the most choosy palates. Productions have been confirmed to have been made from the USA. In the recent weeks after the launch of the e-liquids, it has been brought to public knowledge that the premium e-liquids are being delivered in 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg of nicotine levels.

Blackcat’s official statement reads — “having been an avid vaper for the past year it only made sense for us at Blackcat to step up our game when it came to the production that mattered the most to our customers and that was our ejuice line. We listened to our audience online via social media, engaged in conversations on all platforms and became friends with our prospective customers and it all paid off as every bit of their input was taken and implemented into the branding and product quality of the new signature series premium e-liquids.”

The company is set to review its flavor selection after its board meeting scheduled to be held later this month. The company’s production company is located in the Southern California and is specialized in crafting the premium e-liquids using the NSF certified, medical grade or lab grade equipments. For more information please visit

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The web site offers proof as to why the blackcat is one of the best sellers when it comes to e-cigs. The web site sells all models of this compact MOD packs which are full vaping power.


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