Nowadays more and more people are showing propensity towards natural products and cosmetics are no exception to this rule. There are many advantages of using natural makeup and a particularly popular option is that of mineral based cosmetics which are manufactured from plant and mineral based raw materials. Our planet Earth is replete with minerals and when these are crushed into fine powders, the result is an array of mineral powders that can be applied anywhere on the face. From hair color to loose mineral eyeshadow, these offer one of the healthiest ways of looking nice.


While it is true that loose mineral makeup acts as an effective protective shield against the sun’s harmful rays, there are a few pointers that the user must bear in mind pertaining to its application. To begin with, mineral based cosmetics are highly concentrated and pure with negligible filler content, meaning only a little bit is sufficient for being applied over a fairly large area. With such products, it is always advisable to begin with minimal application. Thus, if you wish to apply loose mineral eyeshadow then you must commence with only a bit on the tip of the brush head and apply it carefully.


‘An artist is only as good as his brushes’ goes a popular saying and this applies in case of makeup too. If professional make up artists emphasize on the importance for using the right kind of brushes, then this recommendation is doubly applicable in case of loose mineral cosmetics. Given the nature of these products, Kabuki brushes are believed to be the best due to their soft, short and firm characteristics. Undoubtedly there are more expensive choices in the market, but as you would discover to your dismay, every application whether loose mineral eyeshadow or anything else is bound to appear pasty.


There is a common misconception pertaining to loose mineral makeup that there is a limitation on the number of shades that are available under this category. This could not be farther from the truth because there is a shade for every complexion and skin tone. So irrespective of your ethnicity, you are bound to come across a shade that would disappear into your skin. Of course, in this category, the option of mixing and blending is always there, meaning if you need a particular shade then you can easily blend two different shades of loose mineral eyeshadow to acquire one that you need.


Its positive affect on skin notwithstanding, another advantage that makes mineral makeup viable is its cost effectiveness. For example, loose mineral eyeshadow basically comprises of concentrated mica and hence only a little bit needs to be applied for achieving the desired look. Also, since many of these products are interchangeable, the user just needs to invest in a single all-purpose bottle and apply it on different parts of the face. Users have the choice of applying it in a wet or dry state as well with the former being more dramatic and the latter leaning close to natural skin tone.


All mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog the pores of the user and is also lightweight which is why its application is seldom felt. When applied with adeptness, it is one of the most effective ways of hiding unsightly wrinkles on the skin, particularly around the eyes. Women who use loose mineral eyeshadow are advised to opt for light colors during the day and bold and bright shades for night wear. In case of a smoky look which is the latest trend in eye make up, at least three shades should be applied beginning from the lightest and finishing off with the intermediate.  




Like everything else, cosmetics have evolved over the years too and one of the latest trends is that of wearing mineral makeup amongst women of all age groups. Of course, this requires a little bit of practice but you would soon discover that you can do many more things with your loose mineral eyeshadow than with normal synthetic versions.