Minecraft is a video game that allows players to create their own game environment by building 3D structures. Players can also explore unknown territories, collect all sorts of resources, and interact with other players, not always in a friendly way. To successfully complete tasks in Minecraft, follow these next Minecraft survival tips and learn about the best way to mine diamonds, tame and breed horses, find strongholds, and open end portals.What is amazing about Minecraft and quite unseen in the world of video games is that users are those that set their own tasks to complete and the game simply responds to the tasks they have established for themselves. But not only the game interacts with the challenges that a player sets for himself; other players can interact with him, as well, and, in many cases, they try to steal their resources in order to become more powerful. So the first tip about Minecraft is to be very wary of whom you are making a friend.The next tip is related to the first one and refers to the number of resources that you collect. This does not have to be high to attract enemies. So after gathering enough wood and stone to build a certain structure, it is recommended that you start building it, otherwise your resources might get stolen. And another recommendation: when you are building something, pay attention to the way the building interacts with your actions; in other words, avoid using too many torches in a wooden shelter, because they could set the shelter on fire.Another very important tip is to watch the health bar that gives you information on your character’s health. Obviously, this bar gets affected by any problems that you encounter, such as an attack from monsters or a fall into lava. Besides this bar, players must also watch the hunger bar, which gets depleted by long periods of hunger. To refill this bar, you have to "eat" food that you find in the game. To solve this food problem, make sure to grow vegetables and breed animals.Planning ahead is a vital tip that any Minecraft player should consider. Minecraft survival tips are like chess tips and promote the idea of a successful strategy that should be very well-thought-out from beginning to end. For example, if you want to gather as many diamonds as you possibly can, you have to search for the best way to mine diamonds and stay alive, at the same time. Exploring unknown territories like mines can bring a lot of dangers, and using your intelligence to the maximum can save your life and your resources.



Do you want to find the  best way to mine diamonds   , build Nether portals, get the Dragon egg, find strongholds, open end portals, tame and breed horses in Minecraft, a creative video game that comes in several modes like survival, adventure, and multiplayer? Read these   Minecraft survival tips   and overcome all the challenges that you can face in this game.