Surat, Gujarat, India, 17, November 2014: Developed by the world’s renowned scientists and researchers, the DMIT technique is a scientifically proven way to measure the hidden potentials of a child. Now, Mind Tech brings this useful scientific test in India to help address a child’s learning and study related issues with their new software. 

With their DMIT software, Mind Tech is all set to explore the franchise market all over Asia, including India. Both the Founders of the Company Mr. Jimmy Amin and Mrs. Palak Amin believe that the DMIT in India is more relevant to addresses a variety of issues of the students in India. “Due to exam related stress and peer and parental pressure, more than 12000 students commit suicide in India every year. This test can prove a significant tool for a student’s proper guidance and counseling,” they state. 

The dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test has been developed based on the knowledge and inputs from the fields of Dermatoglyaphics, Embryology, Genetics, Neuroscience and Psychology. In many universities around the world, the test is used as a compulsory tool for student’s counseling. Now, Mr. Jimmy is quite confident that the test will become popular in India as well and educational institutions and parental organization will soon realize the importance of this test. 

Dermatoglyphics is a very old concept with a solid research background of over 200 years. At Mind Tech, a team of experts from various fields is dedicated to promote and popularize the software program that can help measure the intrinsic qualities and the learning potentials of a student. The software can easily reveal different characteristic traits and behavioral traits that can help assess the creative talents, competitiveness and other qualities of a child. 

The DMIT test can also reveal the negative characteristics, such as aggressiveness, insensitivity, the inability of decision making, etc, which can prove an obstacle for the growth of a student. The software, however, can enumerate the developmental suggestions as well, which can eliminate the negative aspects for a student to achieve his/her learning goals. To learn more about the software, one may visit the Mind Tech Group’s website 

About Mind Tech Group: 

Mind Tech Group is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who have come together to spread Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test concept in India. The team headed by Mr. Jimmy Amin and Mrs. Palak Amin is committed to spread awareness of D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) in Asia. 

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