If you’re a regular coffee drinker who stops off at the coffee shop on a daily basis, the chances are that you’re spending hundreds of dollars a year on the habit. But have you ever stopped and wondered whether there’s a cheaper alternative that still allows you to get your caffeine fix?

There’s a general feeling out there that it’s not possible to recreate coffee shop drinks just the way you like them at home, especially when it comes to milk-based drinks, like lattes. But thanks to modern milk frothers, anybody can now enjoy a barista-style cup of coffee using ingredients in their fridge, saving hundreds of dollars a year to boot.

The problem is, most consumers don't know what options are out there. As a result, Baristapy, an online review site, has created a guide that collects together reviews on the best hot milk frothers available on the market today, giving coffee lovers the information they need to come to an informed decision. Over the course of a year, the guide points out, the savings from buying a frother could be enormous.

What Makes A Great Hot Milk Frother?

According to Baristapy, hot milk frothers should be able to create the same quality of hot drink we’re used to getting when we order a drink from the coffee shop. The best milk frothers on the market, the it claims, are those that create an even layer of tiny bubbles, which are light enough to remain on top, rather than falling back into the drink. Frothers can be used to top a cappuccino, heat up a hot chocolate, or provide the finishing touches to a latte. They should heat milk evenly, without leaving a thick residue behind.

Milk Frother Reviews

In their search for the best hot milk frother , Baristapy uses a strict criteria of pros and cons, as well as a star rating. Each device is reviewed in extensive detail, including information on how each works, as well as the main features. Milk frothers are rated according to their ease of use, the length of their warranty, how easy they are to clean, how quickly they work and whether they are dishwasher-friendly or not. Once readers have finished finding out about what each milk frother can offer, they are then provided with a link that allows them to check the price on Amazon. In total, Baristapy have whittled down their shortlist of reviews to the best five milk frothers on the market today, after having done significant research on the other frothers available.

Which Is The Best Milk Frother?

Baristapy found that the Breville model was, on balance, the best frother available right now, despite its price, thanks to the fact that it is robust and will “last a lifetime with the right care.” This conclusion, they say, makes a lot of sense given the fact that Breville already has a reputation for making some of the best kitchen appliances in the business. Runner up, according to the review scoring system, was the Kuissential hot milk frother, despite it's lower price, mainly because it is a slightly more complicated system to use.

The guide ends by pointing out that milk frothers can save those who stop off at the coffee shop five days a week a lot of money. So long as they are used regularly, they pay for themselves in no time.

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