An ex-member of the Unites States Armed Forces found himself unable to physically return back to work. With his pride and his determination still soaring high, he launched a virtual assistant company to provide the business world with military quality, professional services.

James Haggard served his country with honor, and is now proud to present the Veteran Virtual Assistants.   The company offers virtual administrative services starting at only $6 an hour.   The services that are currently being offered are Virtual Customer Service, Dispatching, Calendar and Email Management, Inbound and Outbound Calls, and 24 Hour Answer Support.  He got the idea for the company after finding himself unable to return to active duty and wants to serve the business community with the same dedication he gave to his country.

The ex-military personnel holds over 15 years of administrative experience, and attended a Louisiana University researching Public Relation and Communications.  His Veteran Virtual Assistant is aimed at taking away the pressure and the administration cost from businesses of all sizes.

Many ex-military personnel find themselves unable to return back to work due to physical and emotional injury. Even after serving their country, these brave men and women are still masters in their crafts with sharp skills to offer.  The founder of the Veterans Virtual Assistants understands the pressures veterans go through, and he understands leaving the home could be a problem. That is why he has laughed the VVA, to provide employment for people like him and at the same time offer great services to the business community at a great price.

Using a Veteran Virtual Assistant allows a business to reduce their cost considerably.  Virtual assistants can offer different skills and services, and are more affordable than employing a full-time employee. A business can save money while at the same time having the skills on hand he/she needs.

A client from Veteran Virtual Assistants said: “They not only helped us get organized, but have also helped on converting sale calls and gaining new clients.”

To learn more about the services that are available from the former military personnel who served their country with honor, please visit:

Company Name: Veteran Virtual Assistants
Contact Person: James Haggard
Phone: (800) 711-8419
Email: [email protected]
Tampa, Florida, USA