Milholland Electric, a complete solar panel sales and installation provider in southern California and Arizona, celebrates Earth Day by reminding everyone about the importance of using renewable energy sources.

For many years, Milholland Electric, a company offering solar power in San Diego at , has reminded customers of the importance of using renewable energy. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, 2014, Milholland Electric extends a reminder to everyone who is considering solar power: renewable energy sources not only save money but save the planet as well.

More than one billion people participate in Earth Day, on the web at , making it the largest civil observance on earth. Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, and activated over 20 million Americans to become involved in the modern environmental movement and support legislation designed to clean up the air, water and earth.

Today, the Earth Day Network partners with more than 22,000 companies and individuals in 192 countries.

Milholland Electric, a company offering solar installation in San Diego at , celebrates Earth Day by spreading the word: solar power is a great eco-friendly choice for those who want to make their homes more environmentally sound and use less fossil-fuel-based energy.

For example, according to Milholland Electric, air conditioning consumes the highest amount of energy followed closely by single-speed pool pumps, electric ovens and microwave ovens. Choosing appliances that feature the Energy Star endorsement is a good way to conserve energy with these devices and reduce carbon footprints.

Milholland Electric offers a complete lineup of quality solar panels for every type of home and business. Southern Californians and Arizonans have the best opportunity to use solar power of almost anyone in the country due to the high number of sunny days in this part of the world. Milholland Electric even offers free in-home or in-business consultations to assess the suitability and placement of solar panels and show homeowners and business owners how much they can save with solar power.

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For year, Milholland Electric has been supplying southern California and Arizona with affordable, high-quality solar panels and installation. Milholland Electric has a strong dedication to preserving the environment and lowering energy costs for consumers.

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