MilesWeb proudly announced the launch of its new endeavor — The Virtual Datacenter.

This is an exclusive project where MilesWeb provides access to the customers for creating their own virtual private servers at wholesale rates. The virtual data center concept introduced by MilesWeb is basically a pool of infrastructure resources specifically crafted for the enterprise business needs and for the resellers to successfully establish their business. The most astonishing feature of this Virtual DC concept is that the packages provided are white labeled and the customers have the liberty to provide hosting packages under their own brand name.

The Virtual DC platform is a privilege for the business owners who are on lookout for high-end hosting servers at a reasonable price. By signing up for any of the Virtual DC packages, business owners can immediately start setting up their virtual servers with preferred specifications and locations. MilesWeb aims at offering white labeled Virtual DC packages that encourage the customers to setup their online business under their own brand name. Customers can select from 50 plus operating systems including Linux — CentOS, Debian, Open SUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu. Along with creating virtual servers, customers can also select from an impressive range of product addons. Neha Khanna, Business Development Manager at MilesWeb, stated that “We take pride in announcing the launch of Virtual Data Center platform for ensuring the convenience of the business owners and resellers. Customers can select the servers through multiple platforms and locations in India, USA and Europe. Through the Virtual DC packages, the prime advantage to the resellers is that they can themselves create virtual servers with specs required by their customers. Wholesale rate is applicable to all the packages; as a result of this, server setup and upgrade becomes economical”.

Unlike the other hosting packages at MilesWeb, 100% uptime is guaranteed and delivered for the Virtual DC packages as well. Customers who opt for Virtual DC hosting get complete control over the hosting environment. They can scale up the resources or scale them down as per the preferences. This is a completely customizable platform and the resources can be optimized whenever needed. The business owners and resellers in need of extensive hosting platforms, no longer have to worry about the high web hosting costs as they will be entitled to abundant resources with wholesale costs through Virtual DC. By signing up for any of the Virtual DC packages, customers will have with their own administration panel through which they can create and manage the VPSs. Advanced control panels are offered with the Virtual DC plans including cPanel, webmin, KloxoCp, WHMCS and Plesk for entrusting complete power to the customers in order to manage their virtual servers and to create virtual servers on the fly.

Another significant attribute of Virtual DC packages is that customers can create the backup as per their needs. Restoring data is also simplified through the Virtual DC hosting platforms as the customer gets the ability of rapidly restoring the files on the virtual server. Business owners no longer have to worry about protecting the critical data as the backup and restore procedures can be implemented within minutes. Along with this, MilesWeb assures that their highly experienced support team is there to take care of the Virtual DC infrastructure so that the business owners can concentrate on the crucial business tasks.

The Virtual DC concept is established by MilesWeb for providing high speed access to the customers all around the world. Every Virtual DC server platform will be hosted in world class data centers for maximizing the uptime. With the launch of the Virtual DC platform, MilesWeb has successfully alleviated the hosting infrastructure to the next level. This is an explicit opportunity for every business owner for expanding the business and establishing the brand name along with cutting down on the operation cost of the business.

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