Mifgashim transforms families of addicts into healthy families. Mifgashim, Retorno’s outpatient center, is THE address in Israel for putting families of addicts back on their feet, by treating not just the addict but his or her family in a systems approach. Immediately after the holidays, Mifgashim is opening programs for women in English.

And during the High Holidays — the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — two large donations were made to Retorno Jewish International Rehab(http://www.retorno.org/). These donations were put straight into Retorno’s scholarship fund. For the next six months, Retorno is offering huge tuition subsidies to Americans, Canadians, Europeans, South Africans, and other English speakers. Already, Retorno has fielded dozens of calls from North America, from people seeking help for gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, and more.

The donations could not have come at a more opportune moment. El HYPERLINK "http://www.retorno.org/detox-for-girls-young-women/"ah, Retorno’s inpatient detox facility, was recently authorized to accept clients from all over the world, with no Israeli citizenship necessary. Now, teens and young women up to age 30 can apply for immediate enrollment, without red tape, and without having to get clean before entering treatment.

At the same time, Retorno’s continuing education courses are closing registration. The men’s therapeutic horseback riding course starts soon, and there are only a few spots remaining. Empowerment workshops are another option for adults and youth alike.

Retorno is the largest Jewish addiction HYPERLINK "http://www.retorno.org/home-2/jewish-rehab/" rehab center in the world. Retorno’s inpatient facility treats over 100 men, women, and youth in separate divisions, with programs ranging from 6 to 18 months for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and gambling addiction. Mifgashim, Retorno’s outpatient division, also treats over 100 men and women each month, treating all addictions and specializing in codependency.

For more information about any of Retorno’s programs, call Shoshana 718-210-9755 (US) or 052-436-9888 (Israel), or email [email protected] or visit www.retorno.org

Givat Shemesh, Israel
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