Manhattan, NYC; 02, February 2016: The study was carried out by King’s College London and found that cognitive behavioral therapy could be successful in enabling patients with dental phobias to have dental treatment without the need for sedation. Common fears included the dental drill and injections and nearly all of those taking part in the study had suffered a knock-on effect on their daily life due to dental problems. The use of therapy may be useful in helping patients overcome long-term fears without the need for sedation. The complete study can be found at

However, an average of five appointments for cognitive behavioral therapy was required and some of those referred for therapy had additional psychological difficulties needing treatment. The therapists treating these patients had to work closely with dental professionals to ensure the success of treatment. While cognitive behavior therapy may complement sedation dentistry it is not always an alternative, a view that Dr. Klempner agrees with.

Dr. Kelmpner and his dental team have considerable experience in helping nervous patients receive treatment and often a person may require urgent dental treatment or Cosmetic Dentistry, meaning there is no time for several sessions of cognitive behavioral therapy beforehand. People with deep-seated dental fears and anxieties will frequently delay seeking professional dental care until they are in considerable pain and when a dental infection may threaten their dental and general health. Often sedation dentistry will be used to treat patients requiring extensive treatment or those who need more invasive procedures, such as invisalign. While cognitive behavioral therapy may be useful in the longer term, the need for good sedation dentistry is likely to remain.

Dr. Kelmpner ‘s Central Park South Dental Care has the very latest technology of the Smile Makeover, including a device to help give pain-free injections and this can significantly help people with dental anxieties concerning needles. DentalVibe® gently vibrates the gum tissues so the brain concentrates on the vibrations rather than the injections. Modern dental techniques of porcelain veneers have been developed to ensure injections can be given more comfortably than ever before and with minimal discomfort. The practice can also provide sedation dentistry, including laughing gas or nitrous oxide and oral sedatives.

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