Blog Commenting is just one of the very well known ,when it comes to link building which incorporates a variety of strategies. It is not just about leaving a thoughtful and insightful comment on a blog post in order for you to get an inbound link but it can also improve your company/brand visibility and establish your place as a thought leader in a particular industry. The 101 etiquette posted on Micron Associates must always be taken into consideration specifically by the person who is doing the job where states: You must to take the time to actually read the post and submit a worthwhile comment. However, the following guidelines below suggest the link builder go after.


1.The task must be assigned to one person

It is necessary to do the task by just one person to keep away from chances that things could get muddled. Moreover, there is a possibility to have the same comment to the poles apart posts of different persons , which is not good, but what could be even worse is if the opinion is slightly different. In the 2012 press release of Micron Associates for you to avoid confusion , give blog commenting responsibilities to only one person if possible.


2.Make use of Real Name

If a blog owner sees a comment from “Company X” they are doubtful right off the bat. Even if your comment is good, some blog owners won‘t let the comment go through if it is under a company name because it seems spammy and they don‘t want any advertisements on their blog. Instead, use the name of someone that holds a well-known position at the company.


3.Keep you Commenting intended

Keep your blog commenting activities intended from month to month and keep a record of every blog that you commented on. This can help for a few reasons. First, after a few months you will have a great resource of industry blogs that you can revisit again and again. Second, you can go back and check to see if your comments went through and if anyone responded to them.


4.Link to Interior Pages

It is very significant to build links to all pages of your website, not just the homepage. It is more likely to make a link to a page that is closely related to the topic of the blog post. For instance, if the blog post is about the new technology , link your post to your technology page just like the the sample showed by Micron Associates .


5. Don‘t Get Yourself Upset

Not every blog comment is going to go through. You have no control over other people‘s web properties. Don‘t take it personally. If you notice that a comment didn‘t go through, try again on a different post. If the next one doesn‘t go through, just cross it off of your list and move on to the next one.


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